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Ever wanted to understand what ITALIANS are talking?

Then this might be the perfect course for you.

Through 12 stories you will learn to listen, understand, write and speak.
You are learning the language through an intuitive concept, instead of learning single, isolated words.
Therefore learning will be more joyful!

Here you can get the whole ITALIAN-course:

  • PDF-Logo-png12 short stories in Italian
  • PDF-Logo-pngwritten translation in English
  • PDF-Logo-pngSpecial “Word for Word” translation
  • mp3logo Audios in “Italian” spoken from locals.
  • mp3logoAudios in “English”
  • mp3logoPDF-Logo-png12 stories as mp3 + 12 times as slow recording, in Italian
  • mp3logoNumbers from 1-100 as mp3, normal and slow
  • + Sentence for Sentence mp3´s  (English to Italian)… listen and learn.
  • Get it HERE on Amazon as Kindle or Paperback + Kindle

The course is right after the payment available for you.

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Good luck,

Anton Hager